"Outreach, Charitable Service, and Camaraderie"


Spouses of any of the following are eligible for membership:

Officer- Active Duty, Reserve, Retired Military, Female Active Duty officers are welcome

Civilian- G7 & above, Foreign Affairs, MAC members, adult dependent relatives who reside with member are welcome

Membership Dues

Members: $40
Board Members: $30
B Course: $25 (no refunds for PCS)

Membership Applications (Please fill out first, then kindly pay dues)

Please use the convenient payment option provided by Venmo to pay dues for the 2019-2020 OCSC year and send payments to @OCSCatSJAFB. When transferring funds, please use a bank account instead of credit line to avoid fees. 
If you do not wish to use online banking, you may pay with Cash or Check at the next event.