"Volunteerism, Camaraderie, and the Spirit of Charitable Service"

Why join the OCSC Board?
"For me the basic simple answer is I like being surrounded by smart, capable and motivated people that want to make the quality of life of those around them better."
-Stephanie Hoffman, OCSC President

The OCSC Board consists of several levels of volunteer jobs that keep the OCSC alive and well. The levels are Executive, Administrative, Charitable, and Special/Temporary positions. Each  section depends on the other to maintain order and the "behind the scenes" aspects that all OCSC members enjoy throughout the year.  The commitment each volunteer makes when they join the board is for one school-calendar year. Board members have a discounted membership fee (see "membership") and are at the head of decision making for the club's charitable goals. The group maintains a close working relationship with monthly meetings and weekly emailing. Most who are on the board are busy, dedicated spouses with children to care for, so you'll find the atmosphere to be inviting, gracious, and understanding. Please consider joining the team that creates and facilitates the spirit of the OCSC.

*Below you'll find job descriptions for the "Open" chairs. 

Board & Committee Chairs

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Executive Board
Stephani H.
  Social VP

[email protected]         

  Charitable VP
Ariella R.
 Charitable Treasurer
Kristen C.
 Administrative Treasurer
Sara R.
Maria K.
Administrative Chairs
Elizabeth F. 
Keri Ann P.
 Media Publicity
Chelsea P.
 Social Publicity
 Retired Spouses
Ingrid Q. 
Charitable Chairs
Heather C.
 Scholarships Co-Chair
 Thrift Shop
Brandi H.
 Thrift Shop Co-Chair
Special Events Chairs
 Airman Cookie Drive
Sheila S. 
 Heritage Hall Decoration
Kelly S.
Kayla S./Open
Keri Ann P.
 Closet Manager
Becky K.

Social Vice President:

Serves are an assistant to the president in all responsibilities and duties. When the president is unable to attend a function or meeting, they will act in her place.  This person will be asked to support planning and arranging of board functions, oversee temporary committees (I.E Bingo), and be a team player with the other programs. Many hands make light work, and this person will have lots of fun in all aspects of the OCSC. The positions that fall under their care include: Membership, Retiree Representative, Social Publicity, Media Publicity, Closet Keeper and all Social Temporary Committees.


This position keeps the order at meetings and is well-versed in the ways and procedures of the OCSC. This can be someone completely new to the OCSC and will receive all the documents on the history and by-laws so they will be confident and successful in their position.  This person will be able to serve as a chair-person on the Constitution Committee and will have a voice in amending and making approved changes to the by-laws and operational policies that the OCSC runs by.  This is a wonderful position for someone looking to use their brain power and wants to learn the fascinating way the OCSC keeps organized and desires to maintain that order. 

Social Publicity:

This person will work with all the programs and board members to create a newsletter that provides information to the club's members. Each month the newsletter will be published with the collected details about the upcoming socials and volunteer opportunities, complete with fliers and other relevant details, so that all members are informed well in advance.  This person will need to be punctual about meeting deadlines each month as other organizations will rely on them for timely information.  This would be a great job for someone looking to work from home and use creativity.

Open Co-Chairs

The Thrift Store, Scholarship, and Auction chair persons are looking for help and would love to have a Co-Chair to work along side them in order to reach their goals. If you are interested in being hands on and would like to have a partner to meet the challenges with, these are great positions to consider. The Board works as a team, but these jobs/chairs are multi-faceted and important, so we see value in dividing up the duties to conquer the goals. Contact us for more details!