"Volunteerism, Camaraderie, and the Spirit of Charitable Service"

Board & Committee Chairs

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Executive Board

Stephani H.
  Social VP         

Monica C.
  Charitable VP

Ariella R.
 Charitable Treasurer

Kristen C.
 Administrative Treasurer

Sara R.

Maria K.
Christi R.
Administrative Chairs
Elizabeth F. 
Keri Ann P.
 Publicity & Newsletter Editor
Chelsea P.
 Retired Spouses
Ingrid Q. 
Charitable Chairs
Heather C.
 Scholarships Co-Chair
 Thrift Shop   
Brandi H.
 Thrift Shop Co-Chair
Special Events Chairs
 Airman Cookie Drive
Sheila S. /Amanda A.
 Heritage Hall Decoration

Kelly S.
Kayla S./Molly Timmerman

Keri Ann P./Aurda G.
 Closet Manager

Becky K.

Benefits to being on the board?
"For me the basic simple answer is I like being surrounded by smart, capable and motivated people that want to make the quality of life of those around them better."
-Stephanie Hoffman, OCSC President

The OCSC Board consists of several levels of volunteer jobs that keep the OCSC alive and well. The levels are Executive, Administrative, Charitable, and Special/Temporary positions. Each  section depends on the other to maintain order and the "behind the scenes" aspects that all OCSC members enjoy throughout the year.  The commitment each volunteer makes when they join the board is for one school-calendar year. Board members have a discounted membership fee (see "membership") and are at the head of decision making for the club's charitable goals. The group maintains a close working relationship with monthly meetings and weekly emailing. Most who are on the board are busy, dedicated spouses with children to care for, so you'll find the atmosphere to be inviting, gracious, and understanding. Please consider joining the team that creates and facilitates the spirit of the OCSC.

*Below you'll find job descriptions for the "Open" chairs.