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The Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Thrift Shop is a great place to shop, consign, and donate items, all for a great cause. Every penny of profit made by the Thrift Shop is given back to the community in the form of Charitable Contributions and Scholarships for Wayne County students.

The Thrift Shop is located near Slocomb Gate in Building 2411.

The Thrift Shop is a joint venture managed by the OCSC and operated by our sister non-profit the Enlisted Spouses Club (ESC). The Thrift Shop only accepts donations and consignments approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which provides that items sold are safe and of a certain quality.

Shoppers find that the Thrift Shop offers good values and an opportunity to get low cost bargains on high quality merchandise. Consignors are able to sell their quality items and earn 75% of the selling price. We also gladly accept donations, and are always looking for new volunteers to join us.

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Questions or Concerns: Please call the Thrift Shop at (919)722-0606 or email

Please note: Customers and consignors are responsible for transporting their purchased or consigned large furniture items. Thrift Shop volunteers are unable to provide this service.

Thrift Shop Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30am- 1:00pm
Consignments from 9:30am- 11:30am
Closed: Federal Holidays, Family Days, and Seasonal Breaks such as Christmas and June-August


Anyone with base access may donate items during normal hours of operation or in the bin located to the left of the Thrift Shop building.  If you are a resident of Wayne County who does not have access to base but would like to make a donation, please contact our Charitable Vice for bin drop off. 


The Thrift Shop is a great place to sell your unwanted, high quality items. Consignments are accepted from 9:30am to 11:30pm at the back  of the building. If you would like to become a consignor, please stop by the Thrift Shop to purchase a consignment contract ($0.25) and your Consignment Card. You will then receive instructions on preparing your items and worksheet before bringing them in.

Prices and Fees

1. Contract forms cost $0.25.

2. You set your own prices ($1.25 minimum, must be in $.25 increments).  Prices may be reduced if desired; consignor is responsible for writing the new price, stamping with the RBO (Reduced By Owner) stamp, and initialing the tag of any item reduced.

3. You receive 75% of the purchase price, 25% of the purchase prices goes to educational grants and charities.

4. Checks will be mailed only to persons leaving a self-addressed stamped envelope, which can be purchased for $0.50.  Checks will not be issued for amounts less than $5.00 except at the end of June and the end of December.

5. $1.00 fee to reissue Thrift Shop cards.

6. If an item is withdrawn from the TS, a withdrawal fee based on the ORIGINAL consigned price will be charged; fees are posted in the TS.


Consignors are paid monthly for the previous month’s sales. Checks are available for pick-up in the store no later than the second Thursday of the month.  Checks not claimed or cashed within 90 days will revert back to the TS. We do not issue cash payments. Amounts less than $5.00 will be rolled over to the next month, continuing until the amount is over $5.00. However, at the end of December and June when Thrift Shop closes, all checks will be printed regardless of amount.

In the event you are PCSing, we will mail your check with but will require a stamped envelope (also available for purchase).

Consignment Rules

1. Must have a valid military ID (active duty, spouse, civilian, retirees, or dependent).

2. Must have a consignor card issued by Thrift Shop, which must be shown along with DOD ID, when consigning, withdrawing, reducing prices or picking up checks.

3. May consign 15 items per consignment.  Only one account per household.

4. One consignment contract per day.  With valid PCS orders, two contracts are allowed per day with PRIOR APPROVAL of the TS manager.

5. Merchandise must be clean and in good condition.  The TS has the right to refuse any article for sale for any reason.

6. A list of items not accepted for consignment due to recall or volume shall be posted in the TS.  This list may be changed at any time at the discretion of the TS management. Check TS Facebook page or call (919) 722-0606.

7. Fall and Winter clothing will be accepted Sep 15-Feb 28; Spring and Summer clothing will be accepted Mar 15-Aug 31.  No clothing items will be accepted Mar 1-15 and Sep 1-15.

8. Consignment dates for holiday items will be posted in the TS or the Facebook page.  Holiday items will not have a 60-day consignment period but will expire at close of business on the first day the TS is open after the holiday.  Such holiday items will have free withdrawals.

9. Unsold items may be reduced, by the owner, at any time prior to the expiration date.  Price reductions do NOT extend the expiration date of the contract (60 days).  After withdrawal fees are paid, an item (except books) may be re-consigned once and must be priced at least 25% lower than the original or marked-down price.  The TS management has the right to refuse any item for re-consignment.

10. Toys and games must be complete.

11. Appliances must be clean and in working order.

12. Call for approval before bringing in large items, such as furniture.

13. No firearms, knives, aerosols, mattresses, adult swimwear, undergarments, wigs or any other items that do not meet safety and/or sanitary standards of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. No food, medicinal or ingestible items.  A complete list of unacceptable items is available at the TS.

What Happens to Items That Don’t Sell?

You have 60 days to sell your items before the consignment expires and you have three options:

1. Reduce the price of the items before the expiration date. There is no cost.

2. Withdraw items before the expiration date for a small fee based on the original asking price per item. 

3. Do nothing. Items become Thrift Shop property and are sold to benefit charity.

Please note: The Thrift Shop is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


Thrift Shop Sales Rules

1. All sales are final — the Thrift Shop does not give refunds or accept returns.

2. Items cannot be placed on hold or layaway. It is a strictly cash and carry enterprise.

3. Items are not for sale until properly tagged and placed on the sales floor area.

4. Thrift Shop volunteers cannot mark-down or negotiate prices.

The Thrift Shop cannot be responsible for your children. You are accountable for any items that are broken or damaged by your children.